Nobody Knows, They Just Want You to Think They Do is a memoir about an ordinary person with a not so ordinary life. Nobody Knows asks you to consider a different paradigm and model of thinking about the world, the universe and ultimately… life.

I believe that nobody knows who you truly are and we put out different versions depending on who we're with, where we are or just maybe what we believe is right at that moment. The desire is to have those around us think that they know us; that's the illusion we are constantly crafting.

Why are we afraid to let the important people in our lives see our real, authentic selves? How have our life choices impacted how we have lived our lives and impacted the lives of those we love and care about?  Why do we do what we do, when we know what we know? This book dives into these topics and more and in the end, will get the reader to admit; Nobody Knows, They Just Want You to Think They Do.


Nobody Knows Your Story is a podcast I will be doing because I enjoy the human experience, and let’s face it; life is an experience. There are more than 800,000 active podcasts right now and 32% of Americans listen to podcasts at least once a month. Whether I end up having a small following or a large one, the podcast will be one of sharing life stories and one that I feel many will find of value.

For those who tend to be a bit critical of people who communicate via the podcast medium, I’m confident I will supply plenty of ammo, but; at the very least I know I'm going to have some fun. A new podcast will come out every other Wednesday.

My hope is that as you listen to the stories of my guests, you will not just be entertained, but inspired. I hope you'll reflect on your own life and realize that you too have had many exceptional experiences that even your closest friends, often know nothing about. So feel free to get in touch if you would like to be a guest on my podcast.


So yeah, you don’t know Larry Camp. But, here are several topics that he can speak to your group about.

  • Why fun is good.
  • How to get from here to there.
  • Why remain optimistic in a pessimistic world.
  • How to live with grief, especially the loss of a child.
  • How to motivate employees to WANT TO versus HAVE TO.

Larry has a degree in communications and has used his gift of gab throughout his life. At times this gift was used to diffuse a potential crisis, while at other times this gift was used to bring a smile and enlightenment during a time of grief and loss. As a speaker with the ability to tackle a variety of topics, Larry’s goal is to leave those in attendance with an attitude and desire to accomplish hard things.