Aloha and welcome to Nobody Knows Larry Camp.

Yes, this is the place to check out my Nobody Knows Your Story podcast and learn more about my book, Nobody Knows-They Just Want You to Think They Do. First off, anyone who knows me knows that I’m a laid-back guy that likes to have fun. Back when I worked in the corporate world, “Fun Is Good” was the motto I asked my employees to embrace, to keep in the back of their minds when difficult things arose.

Hawaii has also played a pivotal role in my life.

As you listen to my guests recall their life stories on my podcast, you’ll hear a variety of Hawaiian music including Let’s Talk Story by the Hawaiian Style Band. This is the theme music for Nobody Knows Your Story. Why? Because talking story is a big part of the Hawaiian culture, and talking story is a big part of my life. (Anyone who knows me is nodding their head in agreement.)

In my book, I talk about my love of Hawaii and even include a Hawaii-specific chapter. Though Hawaii has been and continues to be a big piece of my story, my book is a deep dive into why I’m me, and how my unique life experiences allowed me to become who I am. I believe nobody knows who each of us truly is, and this is why I wrote my book. As I have shared my unique life experiences through my book, and now my podcast, I came to realize that everyone has their own unique story. Nobody Knows Your Story is where they get to tell them, and we get to hear them.

Are you the type of person that likes hearing about the lives of the average Jill or Jack? You know, a couple of people just “talking story” as we would say in Hawai’i. Well, this would be the podcast for you. Every other Wednesday I sit down with an individual who shares their life story, the positive and negative, the ups and downs; you know, life. Oh yeah, and I do it with some Hawai’ian flair because ya know, that’s a big part of my life story.

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Nobody Knows, They Just Want You to Think They Do

is a collection of thoughts and beliefs on a variety of topics that are very personal to me. I was born in 1956, I am a white male (though I have always preferred being as tan as possible), and I spent the majority of my life, Mormon.

As an average guy with a not-so-average life, you can learn a thing or two from me by reading my book. Believe me; I understand how difficult it is to survive in this chaotic world, which is why I wrote a book addressing life’s common and uncommon dilemmas.

Let me share with you some interesting observations about real-life issues that all of us have faced, or will face as we grow older. The chapters of this book are broken down into short ones so you can easily read one per day—or you can finish the book in one weekend!

In this memoir, I touch on subjects with a bit of humor such as the chapters What’s Up with Today’s Youth?, Jack of All Friggin Trades, and Why Are Some People Such Assholes? Additionally, the chapters on  Fathers and Losing a Child are reflective, contemplative, and difficult for me to share.

Knowing we live in a world full of cynics, and that what I have written may not appeal to all is tough for a self-described people person. Still, I’m hopeful the topics I have chosen will cause the reader to reflect on their own feelings and beliefs.

Allow me to take you on a journey through my book. A journey through my life, my own unique experiences, and resolutions that I believe readers will find helpful. And remember; Nobody Knows, They Just Want You to Think They Do.


So yeah, you don’t know Larry Camp. But, here are several topics that he can speak to your group about.

  • Why fun is good.
  • How to get from here to there.
  • Why remain optimistic in a pessimistic world.
  • How to live with grief, especially the loss of a child.
  • How to motivate employees to WANT TO versus HAVE TO.

Larry has a degree in communications and has used his gift of gab throughout his life. At times this gift was used to diffuse a potential crisis, while at other times this gift was used to bring a smile and enlightenment during a time of grief and loss. As a speaker with the ability to tackle a variety of topics, Larry’s goal is to leave those in attendance with an attitude and desire to accomplish hard things.