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Celebrate and Honor

My wife Judy and I recently joined other family and friends on a five-day cruise to honor and celebrate the lives of my sister Barb and her wife Cindi. They are still very much alive and joined us on the cruise.


“Often in life we don’t take time to celebrate and honor someone until they have passed. Occasionally someone will be honored upon achieving something. Maybe 50 years of marriage, or retirement, or winning something.”

We decided to honor and CELEBRATE the fact that Barb and Cindi are still with us as they have both battled cancer and for now, feel pretty good. This doesn’t mean they are cancer free, just that they felt good enough to get away and enjoy spending time surrounded by people they care about, and who care about them. We had a wonderful five days together and created memories and friendships that will remain with us.

It’s easy to see why I titled this post Celebrate and Honor. I want to encourage anyone reading this to reflect on their own lives and possibly think of someone who they might want to celebrate and honor.

Life is short. Create memories.